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EL2 Ltd was founded in 2008 as an internet marketing business by Paul Yates and successfully runs a number of content based websites that deliver revenue streams from advertising and product sales.

Internet marketing has rapidly become a vital route to market for every business so in 2010 the seeds were sown to expand EL2 Ltd to offer help to UK business in the first instance by giving away free information, tips and advice.

Since then we have grown to offer comprehensive series of affordable marketing packages to businesses that recognise the need to better connect with their clients and those who want to grow their businesses.

Our success is founded on providing a fixed price to deliver and agreed result. We work to deliver what you want.

Finally, what does EL2 stand for? It's our core value to be successful in everything that we do, work hard and “enjoy life too”.

About Paul Yates

In January 2006 I built my first website about one of my hobbies and interests – Barbecue Smoker Recipes. I built it using a template from Site Build It!.

Granted it's not a prettiest site BUT it's in the top 1% of all websites globally, it attracts thousands of unique visitors every day and month on month it continues to grow. It domonstrates quite clearly what delivers internet success - quality unique content.

I understand how to get a site to the top of the search engine rankings, how to build traffic and what works (and what doesn't work) when it comes to internet marketing and social media.

Many people ask me for help and advice and I've found over the years that I enjoy helping others (but sadly I can't help everyone for free). In 2011 I trained as a business mentor and coach so that I could offer a quality service not just for internet marketing but also for other areas of business where I have skills and experience.

About Louise Yates - Relationship Coach

I am a fully qualified and certified coach and have been successfully practising as a coach since 2005. My strength is in helping business people reach their true potential in tems of their own performance and motivation and I do this exclusively through non directive coaching.

In addition my responsibilites as a director of EL2 Ltd I also own and operate my own business that specialises in relationship coaching.

The philosophy of EL2 is built on the principle that people buy from people and it is these business relationships that bond us all together to a point where we know, like and trust each other enough to do business. With Paul's skills in internet marketing, EL2 focuses on the digital media that enables relationship building, my focus is "making those relationships rock" whether over the internet, face to face, in the boardroom or between peers or direct reports.

I'm passionate about coaching and continue also to write the content for our website dedicated to providing business coaching information

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