An Affordable SEO Package For Small Business

Would you like an affordable SEO package that gives you:-

  • Top search engine results rankings?
  • More visitors to your website?
  • Better returns on your advertising spend?

Along with every other small business you've probably just joined the “yes” crowd. What will make you stand out from the crowd however is getting these results at an affordable cost. search engine optimisation example

Big companies spend fortunes on SEO and increasingly employ more and more people to work on this area of on-line marketing. That said, having the biggest SEO budget isn't always the answer (although it helps), your small business can get a lot from SEO provided you do it smarter.

And before you ask, yes, that's Paul at the top of the rankings for "homemade barbecue sauce".

Let's be clear right from the start though. SEO can be a never ending project but it is a key ingredient for improving search engine results. The first criterion however you can deliver without any help from anyone else and that is quality content, unique content. Information that conveys your passion for your business, product or service that has not been copied or plagerized from any other website.

After that, some of the techniques we use include:-

  1. Thorough keyword research
  2. Long tail marketing
  3. Link building strategies with the right anchor text

If we lost you after the first point, don't worry we'll be happy to explain how it all fits together to make an affordable SEO package for small business.

Call us on 01200 445255 and let's talk about what you want to achieve.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and it covers the techniques used to make your website “understandable” to Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

Your website will be read by humans and search engine spiders and it's important that both get the most out of their visit as possible. Your human visitors will read, hopefully understand what your website is about and contact you to have their needs fulfilled.

Additional factors that search engines look at include page load speed and where your site is hosted. These areas should not be overlooked and can deliver nice results for minimal expenditure.

Search engine spiders are clever, but not as clever as us humans however and they need a helping hand to understand your website and how relevant it is to your niche market. The spiders analyse various features of your site to determine how far up the ranking results you will be positioned and the function of search engine optimisation is ensure that all required features are in place and available to be “spidered”.

If you'd like to know more about how to write for humans then use this link to our package for how to make a website that sells.

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