Best Tools And Methods To Develop A Network

by Alexandre Gosset
(Jyvaskyla, FINLAND.)

Hi, I'm working on a self-study about Business Networking and I'm looking for: What are the best tools and methods to develop a network nowadays..? Hope you will be able to answer this question. Anyways, I love this website, I founded many very interesting informations. You helped me a lot. Regards Alexandre GOSSET

Louise writes:-

We all naturally develop networks in our lives, whether it is a social network of friends and family or a network of business or work-related contacts. And these days with the massive growth of the internet and use of computer-related technology there are more and more ways of building up a network.

Before considering the best tools and methods to develop a network you have to first ask yourself what sort of network are you trying to build up and for what purpose?’ Perhaps you are looking to market your own business so find potential clients, or perhaps you are looking for a new job so are looking to make contacts with potential employers. Or maybe you are just looking to find like-minded individuals to connect with to learn from, share ideas with or potential form business relationships with. Being clear on your objective is the first step as this will help you decide your best approach and build up a network that is meaningful.

Once you know what you are trying to achieve then you can start thinking about what tools and methods you can use. Probably the best bit of advice I can give you is to experiment with a whole range of different activities to start off with, combining both face to face and on-line activities to see what works, what doesn’t and then do more of what gives you the best results. But one word of caution, the benefits of networking are rarely seen overnight to give each method a fair chance.

Face to face networking

Find out what business networking groups are in your area and those related to what you do. Ask people you know and do your own research by carrying out a Google search to see what comes up. Try dedicated networking events but also other events such as seminars, courses, etc where you can potentially meet the people you want to connect with.

On-line networking

There has been an explosion of online business networking over the last couple of years, with sites dedicated purely to business such as LinkedIn and Ecademy and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Using these in the right way appropriate to your business can be fantastic ways to network and connect with people, including those who would be almost impossible to connect with otherwise being on the other side of the world. Only this week I have been speaking with several people who have gained great results recently from Twitter and LinkedIn. Click here for a list of social networking sites.

If you are serious about developing your network you have to put the effort in and the first thing you have to do is learn how to network effectively, whether this is developing your face to face networking skills or how to make the most out of the various social network sites. For more on the best tools and methods to develop a network have a look through the pages on the site and if you still have further questions please contact us again.

Happy networking!

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