Building A Marketing Database

Building a marketing database sounds complicated doesn't it? Well it's not. Technically your database can be a list of names and addresses on a piece of paper however we would advocate something more than that in this day and age.

Your database is one of the most valuable marketing tools that your business owns yet most business fail to make the most of this information. It should be ‘clean’ ie. up to date and containing as much information about your customers as possible. For example - contact information (Full name, address, e-mail address, mobile number), their demographics and history of purchasing from you.

Why is it so valuable?

You may have heard business people say that it takes 10 times as much resource (money and effort) to win a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer. Your database is the foundation to maintaining contact with your existing customers and continuiing to build that important relationship with them that ensure that they stay with you and give you repeat business.

Your database is the source of information that is used for direct mail or telemarketing marketing campaigns, maintaining contact through e-mail marketing or using SMS to minimise the number of missed appointments that you have.

The service we offer covers all the areas below and you can pick and choose which elements you wish for us to work on:-

  • Business processes to capture client information
  • Cleansing your existing database
  • Client segmentation
  • Putting your database to work

Wherever possible we use generic software so our brief need not be to run everything for you. More often than not (and we're happy to do this) we come in, use our experience to set up the software and business processes, train the user and then let you get on with it.

Remember that e-mailing your customer database is the cheapest form of marketing currently known to mankind. With our guidance you will get it right from the start and you will quickly be asking yourselves why you hadn’t built a database and marketed directly to it before!

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