Small Business Associates

Business associates are key to small business success. Talk to any successful entrepreneur and they will have a number of associates with whom they will have worked with in some way or another to help them achieve their goals.

You might think you can ‘do it all yourself’ but you possess only a finite number of resources, whether it be skills, knowledge, time, finance and experience to put into your business. Added to this whilst there are some business activities that will give you a real buzz and therefore you excel at there will be others which you will dislike and will end up being a drain on your own energy and therefore limit your success.

It is therefore important to develop a network of business associates whose skills, knowledge and experience you respect and can draw upon when necessary which will complement what you personally can offer thus enabling you to take your business far beyond where you could take it to if relying solely on yourself.

Some of these resources may not cost you anything whereas others will so be sure about what you need before you invest in any services.

It is also important that if you going to form long-lasting and profitable relationships with other business people that you really get to know, like and trust and trust them first, so don’t leave it until you need a particular service before bringing someone into your network.

The list below gives just some of the potential business people you should include in your own business network.

  • Accountant / bookkeeper
  • Business adviser
  • Marketing consultant
  • HR consultant
  • Legal advisers
  • IT consultants
  • Business coach
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • PR consultant
  • Printer
  • Sales consultant
  • Telesales expert
  • Insurance consultant
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Trainer
  • Investor/financier
  • Utility advisers

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