Business Card Scanners

Business card scanners and contact management systems are an excellent way to solve your problem of an under-utilized valuable business network.

Why Use a Business Card Scanner?

So you have been to a networking event, collected lots of business cards but haven’t got round to recording the information, let alone using it to help your business? Perhaps they are piled up on your desk in front of you or now stored away in a special box, ready to be forgotten?

You then get a call from somebody you met at the event…or you suddenly want to contact someone who could help you…but you don’t have their details to hand and waste time you haven’t got wading through the disorganised pile of cards.

Business Card Scanner

How convenient would it be to have all their details organised in front of you at the touch of a button?

Scanners can help solve this problem by digitalizing your contact data so that the information is more accessible; whether it be through your contact management system, online, through a smart phone, or through a device such as Blackberry.

Types Of Card Scanner

There are different types of business card scanners. There are those which simply create an electronic image of the card, so you can store it for future reference, whilst others go that step further and ‘manage’ the data on the card.

In the latter the text information on the card is automatically extracted and stored into their appropriate fields – name, title, company, address, city, state, zip, country, phone, fax, mobile, email, and web, which can be exported to your contact management system such as ACT or Goldmine.

Given the different arrangement of the information on many business cards, you may find that there is a need to go in and move some data around on the address book entry for a particular individual. However, this is still a big time saver in that the scanner makes entering all the data by hand obsolete.

Some scanners allow you to consolidate all contact data eliminating duplicate records. Some also allow you to categorise contacts in multiple ways, search, sort, create custom lists and print labels. as well as keep data congruent across all devices and software - like smartphones, PDAs and e-mail with the synchronisation tools.

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