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Business coaching and mentoring can give you the clarity you need to make decisions and accelerate your business growth as a direct consequence. Based on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border we are able to support business all over Northern UK.

The approach we take is upon first contact we have a 45 minute conversation about your business and if we find a rapport building between us we agree to meet and you pay me in advance for your preferred programme.

At our first meeting (or second phone call) we will take the time to introduce ourselves in greater detail and to “design the alliance” which simply means that we agree how our relationship is going to work, how we are going to treat each other and respect each other.

Once concluded we will then take the remaining time to share information to help me understand your business. We may get the time to discuss some immediate issues and changes but the majority of the first session is about understanding and identifying what to focus on in our second session.

The whole purpose of this session is to ensure that you feel good about what we are setting out to do and map out the future road ahead. It's important that we achieve this and if for any reason we don't then my money back guarantee returns your financial outlay in full.

In our subsequent sessions we will use a combination of business coaching and mentoring techniques to help you gain the clarity that you need in order to take your business forward. So based on my background, what gives me the right to tell you what to do?

The short answer is that I don't, because I'm not here to tell you what to do. The value that I add to the process is in the conversation, helping you find answers by asking you the questions you rarely ask yourself, questions that you are afraid to ask yourself, questions that really make you stop........and think.......and think some more.

This process of using coaching questions applied to your business will result in an array of solutions and ideas how to move forward. Once we have the answers, my role as a mentor is then to use my experience and position from outside your business to help you determine priorities and processes to get your business truly motoring.

If you'd like to know more then please call us for an informal no obligation chat on 01200 445255.

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