Business Coaching

Business coaching is an extremely powerful tool that can help you understand your values and so start a small business that not only will succeed but also be something you enjoy.

Let's first of all be clear what a good coach is and what and he or she is not. A good coach is someone who uses their training and skills to help your dig deep into yourself and help you bring out bring out your own answers. They will be particularly adept at asking those questions that you either don't want to ask yourself or are maybe too afraid to ask yourself. It should be completely non-directive.

So what is it not? It's not about telling you what to do. Offering advice or an opinion should not be part of coaching.

Using a coach can be a very an absolutely mind blowing experience but the challenge is to make sure that you get a good one. The links below will take you in businesses that specialize in coaching but at the end of the day what you get out of a session is down to you. If you're not going in the right direction, feed this back to your coach and make sure that you truly get the benefit out of this amazing technique.

If you would rather learn more about coaching before making a decision and choosing a coach then theres a great information resource that I can recommend called personal coaching information.

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