Growing Successful Business Contacts Networking Groups

Here are 10 great tips for growing successful business contacts networking groups which will help you to ensure that the reputation of your events is first class, people recommend you and your events are fully booked.

The key point to remember is that once you have run one business contacts networking event it is all about developing and nurturing the relationships you have started to build up with those who have attended, encouraging the further development of relationships between members and maximising these advantages to grow a cohesive group which will regularly attend subsequent events.

  1. Send follow-up emails
    Within 24 hours of attending thank your attendees for coming to your event and remind them of the date, time and venue of the next one.

  2. Ask for and publish feedback and testimonials
    If your event has been a success then the chances are your customers will be prepared to tell others. Ask them for testimonials you can use on your website and other marketing communications to tell others what they have gained and why others should attend. Ask also for feedback on how your events can be improved so your next events can be even better.

  3. Actively carry out PR activities
    If you have launched a new event or gathered evidence of tangible benefits for those attending then perhaps this is newsworthy and can be publicised in trade or local press or on the radio. With permission take photos which you can then use and also use the testimonials that happy customers have written for you.

  4. Give your group an identity
    This is about taking it further than running a one off event instead giving a group identity which attendees can then be part of. Give your group a name which your desired attendees will be able to relate to.

  5. Create ‘membership’ status
    By creating a formal membership status, whether this is free or charged for, helps attendees to feel that they are now ‘part’ of something greater for which you can then create additional benefits.

  6. Set up an on-line group or forum
    There are now really easy ways of setting up on-line groups dedicated specifically to your own business networking group. LinkedIn is one example where, once members to your event have signed up to LinkedIn (free of charge) then can then request to join your own group (again free of charge). You can use this group to facilitate discussions between members and make announcements.

  7. Provide training in networking skills
    To ensure that members really get the most from your event provide free training that will enhance their own skills. This investment on your behalf will only help to ensure that everyone gets more from your events earning them a greater reputation.

  8. Really get to know members so you can help connect them
    All part of business contacts networking is helping others so as an event organiser you need to model excellent networking behaviour by getting to know and striving to help others. Try and look for meaningful connections between individuals and strive to introduce them.

  9. Encourage special offers for members
    Encourage members to offer exclusive free help or special promotions to each other. This will benefit both them and provide an additional benefit from attending your events.

  10. Involve your members in running the group
    One way to develop loyalty with your members is to involve them in running your group whether assisting in helping on the day of an event or employing their professional services to manage and market your events.

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