Business For Breakfast ( BforB )

Business For Breakfast was started in 2001 in Manchester by Mel and John Fisher. It is now operates as a business franchise with franchisees operating across the UK. There are still opportunities for potential franchisees in parts of the UK as well as Europe, and across the globe.

BforB operates as a private membership club with an annual subscription to join, with 6 monthly and 3 monthly membership options.

The ethos of Business For Breakfast is very much to build up relationships between members so they get to ‘know, like and trust’ one another. Once relationships have formed then members pass contacts and referrals to one another to help them to grow their business. Both members and guests comment on how they enjoy meetings – whilst having a structure there is generally a relaxed feeling in the meetings and guests frequently comment on how ‘friendly’ the groups are and the meetings productive.

The fortnightly meetings are generally held from 6:45am – 8:30am, so as not to interfere with most people’s working day. They follow a tried and tested format: meet and informal networking, breakfast, members’ and guests’ 60 seconds, member’s business spotlight, networking break, learning point and finally the contributions section. This latter is where the real business of the meeting is done – referrals, leads and testimonials are passed and members request one to one meetings with members and guests they would like to get to know better.

BforB operates a policy of only one person per sector in each group. This helps to ensure that the group maintains a loyalty towards each of its members.

The meetings themselves are run by an executive team of three people who are group members – the moderator, the host and the contributions coordinator. This team is responsible for the smooth running of the meetings and ensuring the interests of the group are met.

As a guest you would certainly be welcomed at meetings without any obligation to join (unless you have visited twice).

If you think Business For Breakfast may benefit your business (it certainly benefited mine…so much so I decided to buy a franchise) it is worth having a look at the website to see if there is a group near you. If there isn’t you might see this as a great business opportunity and look at the franchise opportunities.

For further information see the official website.

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