Business Golf Networking In A Relaxed Atmosphere

Sometimes networking in a relaxed atmosphere pays dividends and this is what golf networking is all about. Whether in a structured environment or not there’s many a business deal concluded on the golf course so it would seem logical that one can also conduct business networking meetings on the golf course too.

Members are partnered up into groups to play the round of golf which can take anything up to 5 hours – a perfect amount of time to get to know your playing partners and build a working relationship.

Membership is targeted at business owners and decision makers but it can also be a great way to train your employees. Golf is such a fast growing sport in the business community; many businesses can get left behind because of their lack of ability to entertain on the green. So joining a business golf networking organisation is not just about the networking, many of these organisations offer golf training too.

There is one subtle difference in that this is not networking in it’s purest form ie. to pass referrals it is more about sharing customers. Members are encouraged to bring their own customers and potential customers for their fellow members, it’s then about having 4 or 5 hours alone with a potential customer to enjoy and do business.

Special thanks to Chispita_666 for this photo

To help you understand more I’ve included some links below to golf networking organsiations:-

In the USA

Women On Course

Fore Networking

Business Golf Network

World Golf Network

In The UK

Golf Club Network

Business Golf Network

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