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If you're running your own business then this section listing computer business information systems websites should help you along the way to understand all there is to know about information technology.

At what point do you need an information system and how do your determine what's right for you? Many things depend on the size of business that you are operating and how updated your information needs to be.

Many large businesses opt for what's generally referred to as an "enterprise wide system" or ERP such as Oracle, JD Edwards or SAP and this will give real time information across their whole operation whether it be national or global.

This maybe critical to them in terms of customer service and inventory management both from a finished goods perspective as well as raw materials, certainly financial control will be supported magnificently. This sort of system requires immense support and connectivity however.

Samller businesses may require similar information (infact I would challenge the existence of any business that does not) but not on a real time basis. Many small business like these can run on much more compact level of hardware and probably the best known example of this is SAGE.

When it comes to the customer relationship management side of the business then the most well recognised software on the market is ACT! 2011 by Sage.

I'd like to think that there's bucket loads of information websites here that are all giving away information and support for free but I haven't verified every site.

Please take a look and see what you think. If there's something here that really works for you I'd be pleased to highlight it so that we can all get to the valuable stuff that much quicker.


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