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I'm Paul and as your business internet marketing mentor I am here to ensure that you maximise the value that your business gets from it's web presence. I operate on line, by telephone or face to face if you live in Lancashire or Yorkshire.

I offer my services as an internet marketer and I respect the fact that you might not be able to afford to pay for someone like me to do this job for you. That's why I also offer my services as a business internet marketing mentor and in this role I guide you and help you understand how to make your website (and other internet software) work for you.

“Paul’s knowledge, skill and expertise in internet marketing have been invaluable to Robinsons Holidays. We have been highly impressed by his dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism and I would recommend Paul, wholeheartedly”.

Martin Osbaldeston,
Robinsons Holidays

I'm not a techie, I know very little HTML (the language used to publish a website) and I'm not in the business of building websites. The value I add as a business internet marketing mentor is in helping you transform from website building into showing you how to build an e-business.

As your business internet marketing mentor I help you learn how to:-

Analyse keywords so that you choose the right ones
This isn't just about what's popular (you can get that info free from Google), it's also about understanding which niches are already so saturated that frankly you don't stand a chance.

Produce a web page that search engines will like (and therefore promote)
Good keyword density, the appropriate length, they're all factors but nothing beats quality content.

Produce a web page that humans will like
Ok so this comes back to the same thing, good quality content. But there's more, in order to connect with your future client you need to build a relationship with them. You got it, we're right back to business networking techniques.

Use anchor text linking to help get your website promoted with the search engines
There's a number of methods to help get your web page to the top of the search engine results pages and they all involve hard work. There's no easy answer to this and definitely no software. Anyone who tells you different is out to fleece you.

Write a description that gets the click
It's all well and good to get your website up there on the first page of the search engine ranking results but how do you ensure that the human who is looking at the results page actually clicks onto your website?

How to get value for money from pay per click advertising
You can easily pour away a bucket load of money very quickly and see nothing for your efforts. Advertising can be a cost effective way to get traffic to your site provided you know how to use it efficiently.

I could go on, there's so much more:-

  • How to analyse a website
  • Write good sales copy
  • How to blog effectively
  • Which social media to use

It is so frustrating to hear from so many people that I talk to about how they've had a website built at significant cost coupled with all sorts of promises about SEO (search engine optimisation), getting to the top of Google etc.

And none of this actually delivers what your website really needs.........traffic.

A website is like a shop, it costs money and it needs continuous maintenance to make sure that it presents your products or services in the best way to win you business.

If your website is already up and running and you feel that you need some guidance, please give me a call or “Skype” me and let's see how we can work together to deliver what you need.

If you are right a square one with your web business and haven't even started to think about your website here's one piece of advice for free. If you know that you will have to do much of the web building yourself before you put your hand in your pocket, take a look at SBI! The methodology I use (and share with you) is preached in full and it works.

It's a little more expensive than some templates but it's more than a web template, it's an e-business. It's what I use, I have 3 SBI! websites and it works. If you decide to buy this system, as your business internet marketing mentor I can “hold your hand” all the way by telephone for minimal cost.

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