Running A Business Leads Networking Group

Fundamental to your success is knowing your reasons for running a business leads networking group. Perhaps you have been part of a networking club and think you could do better or maybe you haven’t found events which really meet you needs so see an opportunity to provide something new. You may have found that networking works for you and by running your own groups feel that you can expand your own network more quickly or you may just be good at and enjoy networking and feel that you can bring your own skills and passion to a networking business.

For each of these arguments I have posed some questions to get you thinking as to whether this is really a valid reason for embarking on this venture:

I think I can run groups better than those currently available

  • In what ways could you improve a group?
  • What exactly is involved in running a group?
  • How could the shortcomings in the present groups be explained?
  • What makes you think you could do better?

There are currently no networking events that meets my needs.

  • Who else has these needs?
  • Why are there no groups that meets this need?
  • What has been tried in the past?
  • Why have such groups failed to succeed?
  • Why will your ideas succeed where others haven’t?

I like and am good at networking and therefore think I could run good networking events.

  • What else is involved in running a business leads networking group?
  • To what extent will you be able to spend your time networking when you are running your own event?

I could make a lot of money from running my own events

  • How much revenue do you think you could make?
  • What costs are involved?
  • What time will you need to spend in getting the business?
  • How will this business affect your other income streams?

Running my own business networking events will raise my personal profile or that of my organisation

  • How can you ensure that your events are a success so that your profile is enhanced rather than damaged?
  • How will you ensure that the time and effort you invest in networking does not detract from your core business?

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