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The business mentoring and coaching process described below helps many entrepreneurs, executives and managers achieve their goals and kiss goodbye to their problems.

Do you feel like the proverbial hamster on a wheel? Going nowhere fast on a hamster wheel

Are you spending all your waking hours working in your business when you would rather be working on your business?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions then my business mentoring and coaching programme can help you. Based on the Lancashire / Yorkshire border just North East of Blackburn I support business across Northern UK.

My name is Paul Yates and in addition to running my internet marketing business I am a trained mentor and coach. Together with my wife Louise, we run a number of businesses and help others get what they want from their business.

Large or small, every business has its challenges and opportunities to improve yet there never appears to be that time in the day to step outside, discuss those challenges, identify ways forward.

Do you remember that time when you made your last big decision? It felt great didn't it? You felt motivated and ready to take on the world. What's stopping you feeling like that today?

My role as your business mentor is to help you find the right way to drive your business forward and help you make those decisions so that you get what you want, whether that be financial freedom, a better work / life balance or.........well you tell me.

I use a variety of business mentoring and coaching techniques to help you cut through the chaff but before I explain more about the process, let's understand exactly what coaching is, what mentoring is and how it all fits together.


The fundamental point about coaching is that it is non-directive. It is a conversation where I (the coach) ask you (the coachee) questions in a structured manner to help you reach a conclusion and hopefully a solution to the issue or area of your business that you want to improve.

Put simply, my role as your coach is to ask questions; challenging, solutions focused questions that help you explore your chosen topic and reach your own conclusions about the way forward.

There are two key issues surrounding structure of the questions:-

  1. The questions don't "lead" you and there's no hidden agenda. As your coach I don't formulate opinions about potential solutions during a conversation or drive you toward what I think the solution might be.
  2. The questions are "open" to allow you to fully explore the subject and find your own solutions.

In other words, our coaching conversation is exclusively for your benefit, not mine.

What makes this so important?

Consider this point:-

You know the next steps to take.......
I suggest a way forward.......

Which path are you more likely to take?

The fundamental point about non directive coaching is that you, the coachee, provide the answers and generate the ideas about how to move forward. Because the ideas have come from within you, your drive to deliver the results is so much more compelling.

Understand this point and you're ready to unleash the power of coaching.


Let's start with a definition:

"A relationship between two parties, who are not connected within a line management structure, in which one party (the mentor) guides the other (the mentee) through a period of change and towards an agreed objective." (Kay & Hinds, 2005, P16);

Mentoring differs from coaching. As your mentor I am free to impart knowledge to you in a supporting manner. It is helpful therefore that I have some experience or insight into the subject under discussion and therefore can be more active in the discussion to find ways forward by using:-

  • Benefit of experiences
  • Alternative ideas
  • Supporting with other network resources
  • A telling or showing approach

Because I must understand the topic of the conversation, mentoring works well in situations where something technical or a specific piece of knowledge is needed. For example, “What is the HTML code that creates a hyperlink?” - You either know the answer to this question or you don't so no matter how hard we might try, there's no point trying to solve this problem using a coaching conversation.

How Business Mentoring And Coaching Fit Together

I use coaching as a specific subset of my mentoring programmes albeit dependent upon your wants and needs. Below is an outline process for your to consider:-

  1. Design our alliance
    This is our opportunity to discuss our business relationship, understand what we are looking to get out of it and what we are going to contribute. We will also at this point discuss money and what you are prepared to pay for my services. (Money is an important part of the discussion because both of us have to value the contribution that we are both making otherwise the process doesn't work).

    This design session normally lasts an hour or a little longer and it's an opportunity to really get to know each other and understand how we can (or can't) work together. The session is free of charge and if at the end we conclude not to work together then I hope that I will be able to put you in touch with someone in my network who can help.

  2. Coaching on specific business topics / goals
    Now that you have understood that your own solutions deliver your motivation and compulsion to change, it's natural to use the coaching conversations and process to find the initial ways to move you forward.

    Each conversation usually lasts an hour and is designed to address a specific business goal. The interval between conversations can vary but usually it is between 2 -4 weeks as this allows time for implementation of any actions from the previous conversation together with a period of review and reflection prior to the next conversation.

  3. Mentoring on specific topics (if required)
    You may want mentoring support, you may not. After the coaching sessions many people feel so driven that they don't feel the need for mentoring. For others it may be about specific learning points along your chosen path.

    It's natural therefore for the mentoring process to run alongside the coaching conversations but fundamentally mentoring sessions are discrete and well defined conversations. It will always be clear whether we are in a coaching conversation or a mentoring conversation.

How Long Does It Take?

The shortest programme I have done was three sessions:-

  1. Design the alliance
  2. Coaching conversation
  3. Review, reflection and some specific mentoring points

This took my client from a position of no direction in a breakeven business to one of profit making, complete focus and taking on new sales staff. This happened over three months.

Of course it's not always as simple as that (and this client has subsequently requested individual sessions on specific topics at a later date but my point is that each programme is completely tailor made to suit your needs. It would be prudent to budget on a six session programme to start.

How Much Does My Business Mentoring And Coaching Cost?

That is in part down to you and how much you value you want to place on it. It also depends on my time and travel requirements. It's for discussion but above all, it will be affordable.

Remember that your first session is free, it has to be so that we can work out whether we can work together.

I also operate by business as a social enterprise so at the end each year 25% of my revenue from business mentoring and coaching (after travel and expenses) is returned to local business and community projects. Your thoughts and ideas on how this money can be best spent are always welcome.

How Are You Feeling Right Now?

Do you sense that something needs to be done to move you away from your problems?

Or maybe you've got a goal or target that you really want to hit?

I recognise that I've given you a lot of information to digest, take your time to think about it and when you are ready, please give me a call and let's discuss how I can help.

01200 445255


In addition to my general business experience in both corporate and small business environments, my areas of specialism include procurement, internet marketing, sales, logistics and supply chain.

For cost reasons I find most of my clients operate in the Blackburn / Pennine Lancashire areas and a growing number of clients in North Yorkshire.

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