Successful Business Networking Club Preparation

Here are your essential preparation tips for running a successful business networking club. They focus on those things you need to do just before your event. Please also read my tips for planning, running and growing business networking clubs.

  1. Confirm attendance list
    People change their minds so to ensure that you have an accurate numbers and an up to date list send out an email before hand to confirm attendance especially if pre-payment is not a requirement. Usually if people have already paid this indicates a commitment to attend so focus on following up with those people who have not yet paid.

  2. Establish any special needs of those attending
    Find out whether those attending have any special dietary requirements or access requirements

  3. Liaise with the venue to confirm your requirements
    Ensure that the venue is fully briefed on what you require – room size, refreshment requirements, special needs catered for, equipment for any talks and check that they can accommodate any changes you have made. Establish who will be your contact for the day

  4. Brief anyone who will be assisting you
    Ensure that all those helping you know exactly what they will be required to do and when.

  5. Distribute attendance list
    Ideally distribute in advance so attendees know who is attending and their respective businesses so they can plan who they want to be introduced to. Ensure there are hard copies of attendance list to issue on the day.

  6. Prepare name badges
    It is not easy remembering names so badges with attendees’ names and companies are important to issue on the day. Make sure you have spare blank ones with you for anyone who turns up unexpectedly.

  7. Be clear on your own role
    On the day it can be easy to get caught up in dealing with things you hadn’t prepared for and if you are not careful you will end up not achieving what you had hoped to achieve. I often found I was unable to network myself as I had to deal with the venue or facilitate introductions for others.

  8. Prepare your own speeches
    If you are going to be the one introducing, closing or speaking at the event make sure you are fully prepared.

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