Business Networking Coaching

To develop your networking skills and confidence further, one to one business networking coaching can help you.

As a qualified coach, mentor and experienced networker I now offer networking training and one to one coaching.

Why might you want to invest in one to one coaching?

One to one coaching is a great way to really focus on areas you want to develop and take action on, and can be great at helping you to overcome barriers you have to moving forward, developing your skills and really increasing your confidence.

Most people find it easy to pick up the theory of how to network but many struggle to really go out and network with confidence, after all 90% of people actually dread going into a room packed full of strangers. And if you have your own business or play a role in developing contacts for your organisation this can be detrimental to your success.

When I work with clients I first spend time really helping them to understand what they want to achieve, and explore their underlying beliefs and values which hold the key to helping them develop their skills and capabilities. I then move on to helping the client identify how they might move forward, developing their competence and supporting them in taking action.

As an individual you can take advantage of telephone and face to face coaching and we also offer face to face team coaching through the use of action learning. We believe in providing sessions that are tailored to the clients’ individual needs and the number of sessions is based purely on what is required rather than a pre-determined programme.

So if you are interested in finding out more about business networking coaching either as a team or on a one to one basis please contact me through the form below.

Please visit my website to see more about my work as a motivational business coach.

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