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Buying a business networking franchise could be your best career move. If you are considering starting a small business and would like the security of a tried and tested formula then a franchise could be for you. Likewise, you maybe have joined a networking organisation, seen it work for you, and now see an opportunity to make a business of helping others grow their businesses too. Or perhaps you just want another way of supplementing your income.

Whatever your motivation, buying a networking franchise could be a great opportunity but take time to consider the following points before taking the plunge.

Understand what is important to you and therefore what truly motivates you

Your values (or put simply what is important to you) underpin everything that you do and ultimately determine what motivates you.

You might think that running your own business networking franchise is what you want but this may be borne more out of frustration with your current situation than an actual drive to service others. It’s essential to understand your values because it will help you determine whether you are cut out for the networking business or not. A good business coach will be able to help you with values analysis.

Know Your market

You may think that a business networking franchise in your area is exactly what’s required. But there are two sides to this, it’s not just about what’s needed (i.e. market demand) it’s also about how well that demand is already satisfied (your competition).

Take time to canvass opinion in an objective way. Your friends and close business associates will always support you and your career so what you need is some neutral advice. Check out what is out there already and think about carrying out a market research survey with local business people. You can also make use of your local chamber of commerce .

Some of the franchise opportunities below will give you information about where opportunities still remain. If you get to the serious stage of starting a small business remember to use all the information available. Just because one franchise has an opportunity in your area doesn’t mean that you’re onto a sure fire winner, the market could already be saturated with competing franchises.

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