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UK business networking groups are a large international industry, as more people recognize the benefits in business development. Networking online & work at home networking being a real growth area so read on to find a UK networking group near you.

There are many networking groups now available whether both on-line and off-line and your success is making these work for you is partially in understanding what each has to offer and what benefits each can bring to you.

Some of the types of group available:

  • Private membership clubs which meet regularly eg. Business For Breakfast, BNI (Business Networking International)

  • Open events with no membership fees

  • Industry specific groups

  • Women and men-only groups

  • On-line groups e.g. Ecademy, Linked-in and Viadeo

  • Breakfast, lunch time and evening groups

No two networking groups are the same – some have less than 10 people, some over 100, some have a structured, rigid agenda whilst others are just an informal gathering. Different group will have their own aims and culture. Even two groups running to the same agenda will be different depending on who is attending, determining the dynamics within the group.

Some groups will provide you with the opportunity to present a planned 60 second pitch whilst others rely on you informally giving your elevator pitch as you are introduced to people.

Before investing too much time and effort in attending events it is well worth doing some careful research to find out who attends, how much they cost, the time and frequency of meetings, structure of the meetings.

Click on the links below to find a UK networking event near you.

Scotland And North East England

London & South East England

Greater Manchester



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