Business Networking Seminars And Workshops

Business networking seminars and workshops can be a really good way of further developing your knowledge and skills in business networking techniques, and at the same time start networking with other like minded people who want to network with you.

The advantage of attending a workshop, seminar or course is that there is scope for interaction, more than can be gained through an on-line seminar, a chance to practise and get feedback on your skills and also to meet people in the flesh.

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So if you are attending a networking seminar what content should you expect to covered? If you are new to networking and are looking for an introductory programme then you would expect the following to be covered:

  • What is and what isn’t networking
  • Why one should network
  • The qualities of a great networker
  • The key skills involved
  • A chance to practice the skills
  • Understanding the best places to network for your business/line of work
  • An opportunity to network with others on the programme

A really good business networking workshop should leave you feeling both confident and excited about going out and networking.

If you are looking for an in-house programme designed and run specifically for your organization you should expect it to be tailored to really take into account the networking needs of the organization and how these might be met.

Business Networking Workshops - Find out more about the tailored workshops that I run including how a workshop can benefit your organization, how to train people to be great networkers and how to set up a networking group.

Business Networking Training - For individuals looking to find out more about networking then use this list of organizations that run networking training courses.

Business Networking Coaching - Maybe you understand the theory of networking but still find it uncomfortable to put the lessons into practice? One to one non-directive coaching can help you.

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