Advertise In Our Business Networking Sites Directory For Just $30

Here's your chance to advertise in the best business networking sites directory for just $30 and harness the power of our directory to propel your ad up the search engine rankings

Many business group networking events are already reaping the rewards of advertising with and you can do the same.

You're probably here because you did a search on Google for "business networking YOURCITY" and found a business networking group that has advertised with us up high up the in the search results. If you haven't tried a Google search then please try it, just replace “YOURCITY” with one of your choice ex Albany, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia.

Maybe you're in the UK? Try Bury or Chigwell and you'll see that our directory is picked up certainly on the front page and usually in the top 3 results. Please note we make no guarantee of search engine ranking results, we are simply demonstrating the credibility and high esteem in which our website and directory is held.

This is great news! Those groups that have chosen to advertise with us are slowly moving up the search engine rankings and getting the exposure that they need in order to thrive.

Even better news! If you type in your city and our directory doesn't come up then this is probably because your town or city has not yet been taken and is still available for you to buy so please don't delay otherwise you might miss out.

The one off advertising fee is just $30 (approx £20) and that's to cover our administration costs. It's not an annual fee, we only have to administrate once so we only charge you once. You pay $30 to advertise your group, that's it, period. Your ad will then be listed in the appropriate section of the “Networking Events” section of our site.

If you're interested, please email

Please let us remind you that the power of our business networking sites directory is purely organic and organic growth takes time. By paying to advertise with us we will place your ad in our directory, we make no guarantee about where your ad will be listed in the search engine rankings at any given time.

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