Running Successful Business Networking Events

Use this advice for running successful business networking events and it will help you ensure that your event on the day is a roaring success. Please also read my tips for planning and preparing for successful networking events (links below) which focus on what you need to consider beforehand and growing your networking group after the first event.

  1. Arrive early to ensure venue is ready
    All too often I have arrived at a venue only to find that rooms are not set up correctly, equipment not ready and refreshments not prepared. Find your point of contact and fully brief them on what you require and expected timings

  2. Brief those helping you
    Make sure that those assisting you or speakers are clear what they need to do and when.

  3. Make your attendees feel welcome the moment they walk through the door
    Remember how it felt when you first attended a business networking event? Ensure that you are not only welcoming but if necessary reinforce the format and proceedings of the event

  4. Sign people in and collect business cards
    Collecting contact information about your attendees is essential if you are to follow up with them after the event. Collect their business cards and if need be put them into a free draw giving them the opportunity to win a prize if their business card is drawn at the end of the evening.

  5. Formally open the event
    This helps to bring the attendees together as one group rather than operating individuals and gives the opportunity to reinforce the purpose and format of the event introduce speakers and make any other announcements.

  6. Facilitate introductions
    Be proactive with facilitating introductions and that attendees know they can ask to be introduced to people they would like to connect with.

  7. Run to time
    People expect things to run to time especially when they have their own schedules to keep. Your own reputation will be damaged if the event runs behind.

  8. Ensure new and genuine introductions are made
    Whilst you cannot force people to mingle try and keep people who know each other well, say from the same organization apart particularly if you are responsible for choosing seating arrangements.

  9. Announce any real benefits derived from the event
    In subsequent events announce any benefits anyone has gained whether it is new business, a great service provided by another attendee

  10. Ask for referrals for future events
    Actively encourage those attending to bring along guests they might know who would benefit.

  11. Formally close the event
    Events should always have a definitive and positive end. At this point thank the attendees for coming along and thank any speakers for their contributions. Announce when and where the next event is and any other relevant information such as speakers, changes in format etc. One really great way of finishing off is ending with a relevant motivational or inspirational quote.

  12. Say goodbye to each person as they leave
    As host you should ensure that you personally say good bye to everyone as they leave.

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