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E Factor is business social networking online connecting entrepreneurs and investors to speed up the business development process. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for access to other entrepreneurs and investors around the globe then E Factor is the ideal place to start.

Many entrepreneurs like yourself can feel held back by speed at which other people want to work. Using E Factor you can accelerate that process, get answers to the questions that are burning and really start to motor.

Because you are networking with investors as well you can find the exact financial support that you need in order to continue your business venture or indeed to simply get your idea off the ground.

You can also use E Factor to conduct business either online or in person. Whatever the business is that you are in, a factor can help marry up businesses to mutual advantage.

There's also a shed load of free information and you get access to a global marketplace with many discounted products and special offers to save you money along the way.

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