Business Website Tips For Promoting Yourself On The Internet

Here are some business website tips if you have your own business and are looking at promoting yourself on the internet. Whilst reading, just look around your screen and see how this website fits exactly with these tips. It's no coincidence that this website gets over 600 visitors a day (and growing), so read on and I'll let you into a secret about how to do it.

Your objective

Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve from your website so you don’t go off-track and start spending too much time and money on something that doesn’t meet your needs. Far too many websites are over-specified when all that is required is one page briefly explaining products or services and contact details.

Consider your own expertise first

Don’t assume you have to pay for the services of a professional web-designer, after all there are many so called web professionals out there who really aren’t up to the mark.

There are a number of free template packages around so have a look at these and the results you might be able to achieve yourself without spending a fortune. Some businesses will require a more ‘professional’ look than others but assess what you can do /want to do yourself first.

Keep your website simple

The simplest websites are often the most effective – it all comes back to your objective and what you are trying to achieve. Avoid fancy flash animation which takes time to load and which cause your potential visitors to click away before they have even looked at your site.

Ensure it is easy to navigate

Ensure all the pages on your site easy to reach from the home page and visitors can easily find there way back.

Contact details

Whilst no doubt you want your contact details to be clearly displayed you may not want to display your email address which can end up attracting a huge amount of SPAM in your inbox. Instead use a ‘contact us’ form which visitors have to complete which keeps your email address private.

Get feedback from others

Ask others for feedback on your site, asking those who you know will give you an objective and honest opinion. You might want to ask questions such as;

  • is it in keeping with the image you want to portray?
  • is it easy to use/navigate?
  • does it load quickly?
  • do all the links work?
  • Would they want to revisit the site?

Registering with search engines

Ensure your website is actually registered with Google and other search engines – it won’t just appear on them without you doing anything!

This website follows the rules and is delivering success. We don't have a web designer, we have done it all ourselves and it costs us less than $1 a day. Use this link if you'd like to follow our experience and learn how to make a website like this. This has to be one of the single biggest business website tips that we can give.

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