Essential Tips For Buying Promotional Gifts

What products and services are you offering and what values do they represent?

It is important that the products you select to give away reflect who you are and what you represent – for example it wouldn’t be appropriate for a company promoting health products to give away sweets and chocolates branded with their company details. And if say you have eco-friendly values, give away eco-friendly products.

Who is your target market?

Your products need to appeal to and are likely to be used by your target market. For example if you have an IT business helping small business owners with their IT problems you might want to give away a mouse mat with you details on…most of your target market needs a mouse mat and your details are at hand should they have an IT problem.

Decide what you are trying to achieve

For example attracting the attention of a potential customer may warrant a different gift from using a gift as a ‘thank you to a client’.

Consider the longevity of the gift

Some gifts will last longer than others. Pens are popular as they are useful and tend to have a number of owners in their life time, however they will run out. Gift baskets are gone as soon as they are eaten but if good will be remembered for longer. Think about your own budget and how often you are prepared to order more gifts.

Consider the usefulness of the gift

The most popular and effective gifts are those which are useful e.g. pens, bags, and other office accessories as these will actually be used and not binned.

Be selective who you give your gifts to

Some gifts can be costly so when buying promotional gifts think carefully before you give them away to all and sundry…aim to give away to your target market or those who have close contact with your target market.

Be creative

Try and give away something different to it will stand out from other gifts. However, don’t be so creative that you are giving away something that will just end up in the bin at the earliest possible opportunity!

Popular Promotional gifts

Here are some current best-sellers:

  • pens
  • Wearable items such as T-shirts and caps
  • calendars
  • bags
  • bottle openers
  • desk/office accessories e.g. mouse pads, mice and memory sticks

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