California Business Networking Chapters

The California cities covered in this business networking chapters directory are in alphabetical order.


For anyone interested in getting involved in business networking, Anaheim, California has plenty of great events for business minded individuals. When you are a woman entrepreneur or business person in the area of Anaheim, then there is nothing quite like National Association of Women Business Owners for the Orange County area.

Disney Entrance At Anaheim California

With a number of amazing business networking events scheduled throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities that you can choose from to mingle and share contact information with others.

For members, you can take advantage of the National Association of Women Business Owners Members Only Mixer that takes place once per month. Additionally, there are always a number of interesting presentations and learning experiences offered by the association all throughout the year.

For further information on becoming a member of business networking events in the Anaheim area, contact the National Association of Women Business Owners, located on 1240 N. Jefferson Street, Anaheim, California. Tel: 714-632-5405.


The Women’s Business Connection through the UCLA Anderson School of Management is constantly putting on all sorts of mixers and events that will help you to connect and get involved with other business-minded individuals in the local area.

In addition to many conferences and speaking events, the Women’s Business Connection hosts two regular monthly brunches. Topics covered at these brunches vary and there is always plenty of incredible information being passed around. This is the perfect opportunity to gather with people in the business field, share your contact information and of course generate ideas.

For further information on these wonderful brunches or any other business networking events in Anderson, you may contact the Women’s Business Connection via email .


Bakersfield, California offers business people of all types a great way to gather and communicate with one another through the Bakersfield Business Network. For several years, the Bakersfield Business Network has been helping to build better businesses all throughout the Bakersfield, CA area.

There are regular, monthly business networking events that you can get involved with through the Bakersfield Business Network. All you have to do is show up with a stack of business cards and begin mingling with others. While membership with the Bakersfield Business Network always has its advantages, guests are always welcome to attend any of the mixers, lunches, meetings or seminars that are put on by this group.

For more information on any of the business networking events held through the Bakersfield Business Network, you can call Executive Director Cathi Guerrero at (661) 633-1766. A contact form can also be filled out on their website.


The Escondido Business Networking Group through ABRA is always putting on great networking events that are geared toward the business minded individual. Held on the first Wednesday of every month, people from various areas of the business world gather in Escondido to share information, ideas and even talk about joining up for business ventures. These business networking lunch events are always free and you are encouraged to bring a guest.

For information on the Escondido Business Networking group lunches or any of the other events put on by ABRA, contact Melissa Woods by calling (866) 480-4242.


Fontana Chamber of Commerce provides businesses from small to large incredible opportunities when it comes to gathering contacts, growing your list of resources and so much more. All you have to do is attend one of the great business networking events on the schedule to see what the buzz is all about.

Ontario Speedway Fontana California

Business Connection is a weekly breakfast meeting put on by the Fontana Chamber of Commerce that happens to be the perfect opportunity in business networking. Every Tuesday from 7:15am until 8:30am, business people from around the Fontana, CA area are encouraged to meet at Applebee’s on 16867 Sierra Lakes Pkwy, Fontana, San Bernardino, California 92336. This is the perfect time to get to know others in the business field in the area while promoting your own business and skills. Be sure to bring along plenty of business cards to share!

For more information on this business networking event or to inquire about other opportunities through the Fontana Chamber of Commerce, you can call them at (909) 822-4433.


One of the best opportunities for business networking in and around the Fresno, California area happens to be the Networking@Night event held by the Fresno Women’s Network. Women business professionals from all around the area are strongly encouraged to attend in order to meet others they can form business relationships with to subsequently watch their business and contact lists grow. You can either register to run a booth at these events or simply attend to mingle and meet other professionals. In addition to the Networking@Night events, the Fresno Women’s Network also holds monthly luncheons for support, education and more.

For further information on any of the networking events, you can contact the Fresno Women’s Network by calling (559) 450-2102 or filling out the contact form online.


Whether you attend a business after hours mixer, a lunch meeting or any of the workshops or seminars hosted by the Hispanic Business Association, you are opening yourself up to a world of valuable contacts and business relationships throughout the Goleta, CA area. It is amazing to many people just how many business ventures will come their way once they find the right amount of contacts at a business networking event.

For further information on any of the business networking events that are held in and around the Goleta, California, you can contact the Western Regional Headquarters of the Hispanic Business Association in Anaheim, California by calling (714) 776-6265.


Anytime you decide that you want to get involved in business networking, Hawthorne offers help in the form of the Pacific Coast Business Networking group. This group caters to business people in and around the entire Simi Valley area. If you live or work in Hawthorne, California, this can be the perfect opportunity for you to gather with others in the area who have similar business interests.

The Pacific Coast Business Networking group is dedicated to providing meetings and resources to all of its members and business professionals all around the Simi Valley area. By taking the time to connect at regular business networking events, you are going to find a wealth of contacts and information at your disposal. The events schedule is ever changing, including weekly breakfast meetings and more, so it is best to consult the calendar on a regular basis. As always, guests are always welcome to any of the events that take place.

For more information on any of the business networking events, you can contact the Pacific Coast Business Networking group by calling (805) 371-1623.

Inland Empire

Simply Networking host networking events in various cities throughout Inland Empire, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino counties.

We have no membership fees, no public speaking, no commitment requirements and no pressure to refer business. Our events cost $ 10 and are unrestricted to industry / business and are pay as you go.

Simply Networking events provide no food, but do include coffee/tea/water.

If you want to come and meet like minded business people / entrepreneurs to share ideas, make contacts and help develop your business then this is exactly what we do.

No membership fees, No nonsense, no pressure. SIMPLY NETWORKING USA.

Lompoc Valley

In order to help people get in on some great business networking opportunities, the Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce holds monthly Chamber Mixer events where businesspeople from the local area can gather and share information and exchange business cards. Generally held on the first or second Thursday of every month, the location and time for the Chamber Mixer varies.

For further information on how you can attend a Mixer or another event on the schedule, you can contact the Chamber office by calling (805) 736-4567. The Lompoc Valley Chamber of Commerce is located on 111 South I Street, Lompoc, California 93436.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California by night

Burbank Leads Club is a dynamic Los Angeles business networking group that aims at promoting businesses through lead generation. Members of the group include businessmen, managers, executives and sales persons from various industries and professions. Members share their success strategies and ideas, generate leads for each other and exchange business referrals.

Meeting Details for Burbank Leads Club business networking, Los Angeles

Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7.00am. The venue is Toluca Lake Tennis Club, 6711 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, California 90068. Each member is allotted thirty seconds at the beginning and the end of every meeting to present his/her business. At every meeting, three members speak at length about their business.

Other Details for business networking in Los Angeles

  • The Burbank Leads Club accepts only one member from each business category or profession.
  • Lead cards are used by members to share prospective leads.
  • There is a onetime registration fee of $95. Additionally, $30 is due monthly and $50 is charged for breakfast.
  • All the members are expected to be present during meetings and pay their dues on time.

How You Can Benefit

  • Lead generation and business referrals help members successfully expand their businesses.
  • The Burbank Leads Club’s products and services are available to all members.
  • Due to limited membership, there is no competition among members.
  • There are rules in place to ensure that only dedicated and motivated people join this business networking Los Angeles group.
  • Members learn innovative and ethical ideas of business expansion.


Middletown Merchants Association in conjunction with the Middletown Chamber of Commerce puts on regular business networking events that prove to be beneficial for professionals from all aspects of business.

Middletown Merchants Association holds monthly business networking mixers and meetings at Central Park in Middletown, California. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00am while mixers are held later the same day beginning at 5:30pm. The day that these events take place during the month does vary, so it is always best to inquire in advance so that you do not miss out on a single minute of valuable business networking opportunities.

For further information on how you can become part of the breakfast meetings or business networking mixers through the Middletown Merchants Association, you can contact them via email at


Modesto, California, offers wonderful opportunities for business networking through the Women’s Business Networking Group.

The Women’s Business Networking Group meets on both the second and fourth Mondays of every month at the Deva Café located in downtown Modesto, California on 1202 J Street. At these regular meetings, breakfast is served at 9:00am and then the meeting itself begins at 9:30am. Members of the Women’s Business Networking Group are always more than welcome to bring a guest.

For further information on how you can become a member or to attend one of the breakfast meetings, contact Zapien Plata of the Women’s Business Networking Group by emailing

Newport Beach

Newport Beach Business Network has plenty of wonderful opportunities for you. They provide a chance to have a free directory listing, free professional networking, a web page you can create and access to their social network. They also have a calendar of events with times and places mentioned at their web site.

Newport Beach, California

As a member you get assistance in all the above areas and so much more. Additionally, all of this is free to anyone who signs up with the service. There is the option of upgrading to a premium membership for less than $20 a month. With premium membership you get access to the live events as well as other benefits listed on their web site.

You can get more information about their services and valuable business networking opportunities by contacting Mike Warren, the Business Network Leader, by calling (949) 334-2103.


Business networking Oakland is well supported through the Oakland Networking Breakfast Meetings. It is operated in association with the National Association of Women Business Owners providing the ideal outlet to gather, learn from one another and share valuable contact information. Oakland California These breakfast meetings are a perfect way to gather in a comfortable environment in order to discuss ideas and any business challenges that you may be facing. By gathering at these meetings, you are able to form wonderful connections and also gain support in just about any area of business that you are looking for. In addition to that, you are also able to gain new friends as well as potential business partners.

Member pricing for these breakfast meetings are $12, with non-members only paying $15, however if you register past the specified date for each event the cost for both members and non-members is $20.

Locations of the breakfast meetings vary from month to month. For further information on this or any other business networking meeting in the Oakland area, contact the National Association of Women Business Owners by emailing


Surfin' USA at Oceanside, California

The Oceanside Women’s Business Network meets on the third Thursday of every month in the evening. The meetings take place at dinner time and often offer everything from spotlight speakers to drawings and much more. Guests are always welcome. Since the venue changes from time to time, it is best to check the online event calendar for details.

For more information on the Oceanside Women’s Business Network or any of the business networking opportunities that they offer, you can visit their website at

Palm Springs

The Palm Spring Business Network meets on a weekly basis for their regular Breakfast Mixer. This is the perfect opportunity for business people from all around the Palm Springs area to gather and share contact information. These meetings take place on Thursday mornings from 7:15am until 8:30am at Rick’s Restaurant in Palm Springs, California. Meetings are open to both members as well as guests who are interested in joining.

For more information on the Palm Springs Business Network or any of the events on their calendar, call Tom Gleeson at (760) 610-7522. The Palm Springs Business Network is located at 255 North El Cielo, Suite 140-697, Palm Springs, California 92262.


The Let’s Network business networking group is out there putting together gatherings for the professional in mind. Meetings take place every Tuesday morning beginning at 7:30am at the Denny’s Restaurant on 2925 Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside, California 92503. The cost of dues to become a member of Let’s Network is only $60 a year with an initial application fee of $30. Guests are always welcome to attend these business networking events to see what it’s all about.

For more information on these business networking meetings or to find out more about becoming a member, contact Let’s Network by calling (951) 369-3852 or visit the website at


For business networking Sacramento, Oregon and Washington, TNI is the place to be.

TNI the Network was founded in 2001 with chapters in California, Oregon and Washington state.

They meet either at 7:17 am , 11:37 am or 4:32 PM

All groups have exactly the same structure, andONE purpose only to help build the businesses of the members. It's done by building a loyal network of like minded business owners and professionals.

As with MOST network groups they only have one of each business category, but do allow overlaps. In setting up more than 450 networking chapters over the last 20 years they have discovered that like businesses tend to pass more referrals amongst each other (they call them power partners).

TNI members average about $337.00 for each meeting they attend.

For more information about a TNI group near you that information is available on their website.

Or you may contact Tricia Tequida directly at 866 864 1990 if you are interested in starting a group in your area.

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