British Chamber of Commerce

The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) is a non-political, non-profit making organisation which aims to serve both its members and the wider business community.

It comprises a network of over 56 accredited Chambers in the UK as well as a network of many more across the world.

The key aim of the BCC is to ensure that UK business thrives and sets out to achieve this by working on a national level with key decision-makers in government to influence policy affecting UK business.

Locally, each aims to serve its local business community, providing services, information and guidance to its members. Services are usually provided by the members so if you have a service to offer then the BCC could place you on a preferred supplier list and you could end up providing services on their behalf.

These services do vary from region to region however in general you can expect to get some or all of the following benefits from joining.

  • Free legal advice through legal help lines
  • reduced insurance
  • consultancy services from marketing, and HR to supply chain management and environmental issues
  • access to other business services such as travel, telecoms and IT
  • Access to a wide range of seminars and courses – from business skills such as recruitment, IT skills and finance to personal development courses and secretarial skills

If you ask most business owners why they join the BCC they will say they want to network with other businesses. Whilst attendance at some of the events and seminars will provide some opportunities for networking, the need has been recognized by some Chambers to provide dedicated networking events.

For more information about what is offered locally to you click here.

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