Christian Business Networking Organizations

Christian Business Networking organizations have been set up with the aim of bringing together businesses who share Christian values. There are a number organisations worldwide which operate like many other business networking groups, to help one another grow their businesses through networking events, and business directories, but also have an overall Christian mission and standards which underpin their activities and look only to recruit genuine Christians as members.

So why join a single faith business network?

It is a fact that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.

If you are a Christian you may like to be reassured that you are doing business with people who share your values and ethics. You may also wish your own business activities to be aligned to a higher purpose and being part of a Christian network may also help provide a framework to help you to achieve this.

To help ensure that only genuine Christians do actually enter the network some organizations restrict their marketing to within the Christian community for example advertising through Christian bookshops, radio stations and newspapers to help ensure they attract like-minded members. Some also require that members sign a statement of faith.

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