Corporate Legal Services And Online Legal Advice

If you're starting your own business you will need to learn about corporate legal services and legal advice because inevitably at some point the future you will need both.

There is a variety of legal services that you might require and the most obvious of these is the services to incorporate your business. In the UK this would be forming a limited company (Ltd) or in the US it's what's referred to as a limited liability company or LLC.

You don't have to pay the earth and you can get these services online so below is a list of links to a variety of websites that will be able to offer you these types of services.

When it comes to online legal advice let me offer a word of caution. There's a lot of information available on the Internet and some of it is of dubious quality. All legal advice is specific to your individual situation and you cannot afford to take general advice or information from a website. When it comes to the law you can't risk getting it wrong so do not rely on the Internet, become a paying client of an Attorney or solicitor. Hopefully there's one in your business networking group .

Attorneys Incorporation Services - Attorneys Incorporation Service provides corporations with corporate kits for easy filing and LLC kits with articles of organization.

Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC - Dinn, Hochman & Potter, LLC is a general practice law firm representing a varied clientele including individuals, sole proprietors, small and mid-size companies, and national corporations doing business in the State of Ohio.

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