Creating A Brand With Strong Brand Values

Creating a brand with strong brand values is one way of increasing the chance of your business, products or services being recognised.

We often think of a brand being a company logo but it is far more than this, it is everything that your business represents from your business’s values, your strengths and your reputation with your customers and suppliers. By having a strong brand your potential customers will start to connect emotionally with your product or service and will be more likely to buy.

So if want to create a brand start by identifying those few key qualities or brand values that your business represents which will encourage people to buy from you…e.g. service excellence, product innovation, reliability. It is vital that these not only reflect your strengths and differentiate you from others but are also what people actually want.

Your brand values should then be evident in everything you communicate about your business from your company name, logo and strap-line and your business cards, brochures and websites right through to the way you conduct yourself and the way you go about your business.

Before you think about your own brand reflect on some of the successful global brands such as Microsoft, Nike and Weight Watchers. Look at their logos, strap-lines, marketing campaigns and the products or services they offer – have a think about what these represent and why people buy these products and you will start to identify what makes a successful brand.

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Branding Your Business: Promoting Your Business, Attracting Customers and Standing out in the Market Place (Business Enterprise) by James Hammond (Paperback - 3 April 2008)

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