Ecademy - Connecting Business People

Ecademy is a Business and Social Networking organisation which operates online, through face to face networking events and networking groups. It was founded by Penny Power on February 7th 1998 and now has over 300,000 members worldwide.

The organisation's aim is connecting Business People and publicising an ethos of “winning by sharing” in the belief that being professional and helping others is the key to successful business.

The organisation publicises a number of benefits for its members. By having an online profile (including a CV) and joining specific clubs, people can search for old friends, exchange messages, gain business support and find jobs. Members can find new customers, contacts and suppliers by advertising worldwide. By posting and responding to blogs, members can ask questions, debate topics and share business expertise. The opportunity to attend offline networking events, meetings and workshops around the world enables members to learn about a great deal of interesting topics from women’s wealth to PR copywriting as well as meeting other people face to face, helping to build up even more contacts.


In order to become a member, you need to be 18 years or over. There are different levels of membership ranging from the free ‘Basic’ membership through to the ‘Black Star’ membership which has associated additional privileges and benefits, including the opportunity for more profile hits, more advertising opportunities and higher visibility on Google.

For more information visit the official website.

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