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Facebook marketing campaigns can deliver amazing viral results if prepared correctly and seeded appropriately.

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Unlike your website, Facebook has the capacity to transmit your message extremely quickly and to a wide audience. With the right research and planning it is also possible to get that message out to your chosen client demographic and collect more information as your message spreads.

With a carefully designed app, your Facebook presence becomes absolutely central to your marketing activity.

Consider this example of how a Facebook app might work for a holiday promotion:

  1. Request your visitor sign up and win a holiday for 4
  2. The visitor signs up and uses your Facebook app to invite three friends
  3. You capture the e-mail address of user + the 3 others invited
  4. You send a good luck message to the three invited users with the addition suggestion “Why not enter yourself & double your chance of winning”

In this simple example we establish:-

  • That the user is interested in travel & holidays
  • The all important e-mail address for your marketing database
  • A mechanism to spread the word so your promotion goes viral

Clearly this model is simplistic but we hope that it sparks your imagination.

There's a lot of planning needed, the campaign needs to be “seeded” in the right way and follow up marketing communications need to prepared to both the winner and all the other individuals who took part.

We help you plan and prepare a promotion that's right for your business.
Our development team write your app.
We manage and monitor the process to ensure that you get the maximum out of your investment.

If you'd like to know more about how we can help you grow your business using Facebook marketing then call us now on +44 1200 445255

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