Small Business Financial Accounting Advice

Any small business needs financial accounting advice especially in the early days during start-up. This can be the difference between sure fire success and absolute disaster.

When I was starting my business finding a good accountant was one of the fundamental and essential tasks that I did and I'm really glad that I did it. My accountant was able to give me advice about how to fund my business how to record expenses and essentially keep me on the right road whilst I concentrated on building the business.

An accountant will also be able to explain to you the difference between profit and cash because these are two fundamentally different things. The way I look at it simplistically is that cash is what keeps me alive whereas profit is what I'm taxed on. As I said this is a very simplistic view but it allows me to keep my focus where I needed to be in order to make my business a success, so ask your financial advisor to explain it to you too.

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