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Of all the free social bookmarking sites on the web Delicious is one of the most popular because of the variety of functionality offered.

The concept is that rather than bookmarking your favourite sites using your web browser, you do this online. The advantage is that you can access them from wherever you are, whatever computer you are using and you can share them with other people. In addition you can also check out what other people are bookmarking and this will show you what's popular at the moment across a wide variety of topics.

Remember how you would create folders in your web browser? Well with online social bookmarking this is a thing of the past and tags are the way to go. Delicious uses tags to describe a bookmark and this means that you can use different tags to file the same web page under different subjects. For example, if you found a web page about business networking you can ascribe 2 tags so that your favourite web page will automatically be placed in the business collection and also the networking collection.

The facility to share allows your friends to see what's your interested in and vice versa. Not only that you can share your bookmarks using twitter or indeed simply by e-mail. And if you're still lost or something to interest you then Delicious of course gives you all the information to understand what's hot and what's not.

Delicious is now part of the Yahoo! community and as such you can join there.

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