JASEzone - Free Social Networking Site For Professionals

JASEzone is a global free social networking site for professionals from around the world. It's very similar to link then in that you find people and people find you based on your professional accomplishments, career aspirations and personal interests.

You start I creating your profile and then invite friends to connect you and so broaden the JASEzone community. The idea is that you build your network and then you can:-

  • Find potential clients
  • Be found for business ventures
  • Find new job opportunities
  • Get introduced to other business professionals through your network of friends

It's a very simple registration process and free to join up then so is LinkedIn and LinkedIn as more members. Clearly the competition in this sector of social networking for professionals is extremely competitive and whether you have the time to devote to more than one site is your decision. Should you require further information about JASEzone then use this link.

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