Free Social Networking Sites For Business

Cofoundr Is one of many free social networking sites for business, it provides a community for entrepreneurs, designers, investors, and programmers to link together and start a new business ventures. The idea is that members use the site to get advice and build an organisation in order to get their ideas off the ground.

Who joins Cofundr?

There are many reasons to join and here are some of the most popular:-

  • You may be looking for a partner for your new venture
  • You may be looking to build your start-up team
  • It could be that you need funding
  • Or maybe you just welcomed the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and investors

To learn more you can click on this link to browse the site and see some of the profiles of the other members already signed up.

How do I join Cofoundr?

If you wish to join then the requirements for membership are very simple. You must have a valid University or work e-mail address and then there is a form to fill out at this URL:-

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