Free Twitter Tools

There's a raft of free Twitter tools out there that can help improve your productivity when it comes to social media marketing and some of them stretch further than Twitter.

The two areas that I will concentrate on are:-

  1. Productivity
  2. Efficiency

Two tools that enhance productivity include Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. These are pieces of downloadable software that help you plan your social media activity and are generally referred to as a “dashboard”.

Firstly you can operate multiple accounts from the same screen and not just your Twitter updates, you can also use it for Facebook too. The advantage here is that (assuming you have multiple Twitter accounts) you can get efficiency from your tweets by using the same Tweet for all your accounts.

In addition these tools also allow you to schedule your Tweets. I remember talking to a guy who was in the food industry and he found that he got greatest response from his Tweets around lunch time. But how could he ensure that he hit lunch time at the appropriate time zones or when he had a lunchtime meeting? By pre scheduling his Tweets he managed to ensure that he max'd out daily.

Twitter only allows you 140 characters for each Tweet and that includes the URL of any reference document that you want to include. So help you get the most out of your 14- characters there are tools that shorten your links and therefore give you more room for your thoughts.

Examples of these services are tiny and and not only do these tools shorten, they also allow you to track how many click through's you're getting with each link. This provides you with a good guide to do the research to understand which of your Tweets gets the respect either content or timing.

The functionality of free Twitter tools really stops there. They are in my mind providing a great service from which to manage your social media marketing campaigns however there is much more functionality in other paid for Twitter tools that if you're serious about using Twitter for business you really owe it to yourself to take a look. This next generation of Twitter tools will help you target the followers that you really want and also take automation to the next level.

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