Why Free Website Builders Are A Waste Of Time & Money

Are you considering constructing a website using one of the many free website builders that are available on the internet? Before you go ahead and make the same mistake many businesses make, ask yourself this one critical question:-

Why am I building a website?

Is your answer:-

  1. Because I want a web address to put on my business card and give potential clients that I've met something to refer back to.


  2. Because I want to harness the power of the internet and drive new clients to my business that are already genuinely interested in the goods or services that I offer.

If you answered 1 – then one of these free website builders might be for you. Just double check before you sign up exactly how much you have to pay for hosting because this is where these people make their money.




If you answered 2 then read on. I know many small businesses that have used a free website template, taken a lot of time to design a lovely professional looking website and then found that it did nothing for them other than drain cash in hosting fees. In the short term they were happy because they now had a web presence but they soon became dissatisfied because their site was doing nothing for them.

If you want to join this group then be my guest.

If you want something more then buy Site Build It!

It costs less than $1 per day to operate, you can have your own website up and running very quickly but most importantly, Site Build It! Contains a proven methodology that helps you build your website so that it is attractive to search engines and prospective clients alike.

How do I know? Because it's worked for me. Not once, but three times. Yes, Louise and I have three websites between us, all of which are powered by SBI! I also know from the many thousands of SBI!ers worldwide that I chat to in the forums that it's worked for them too!

I make no apology if you think that this has turned into a sales pitch but the philosophy of our website is to help you succeed in business by giving you free advice in the subject areas that we have experience and passion. Not only are we passionate about networking, we're also passionate about SBI! Use this link to compare SBI! with other well known web building tools.

Please don't make the same mistake that so many other small businesses have made by using a free website builder, check out SBI. To learn more, watch this promotional information video (it last about 30 minutes).

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