Business Networking In Georgia

Opportunities for business networking in Georgia are listed on this page by city in alphabetical order.


Golden Referrals is a business networking organisation based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA which aims to bring together business professionals who work together to generate quality referrals for one another.

There are 5 groups or ‘chapters’ which meet weekly from 11:30am – 1:00pm.

The first step to getting involved is to visit a chapter. Be prepared to share with the group your goals and what makes a quality referral for your business, being as specific as possible. By visiting the following week you will be able to see the progress the group has made in generating business.

A diverse membership is encouraged and only one person per industry sector is allowed into the group.

The membership coordinator for each group is the person to speak to if you are interested in visiting a group.

For more information see the official website.


Duluth Georgia Emblem

On the first Tuesday of every month the Duluth Merchants Association holds meetings for people who are involved in businesses in and around the Duluth area. The host and the locations of the meetings vary, although they always start at 6:00pm. These business meetings are open to both members and members of the Duluth Merchants Association, however it is best to call in advance to be sure that there is room before planning to attend. You will find that this is the best place to go to listen to speakers, gather information and share contacts with others.

For more information on meetings held through the Duluth Merchants Association, contact Marion Maloof by calling (770) 923-1111 or emailing

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