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Before deciding to learn how to build a website I’d looked at a multitude of business opportunities. I was in paid employment, tired of the early morning commute and frustrated that I didn't have time for my family. Two of my core values are "freedom" and "independence" so I guess it was no wonder whay I felt trapped by the daily grind.

It was for these reasons that I wanted to start my own business yet all my past ideas had come to nothing. Some because of the money required to set the business up, other’s because I wasn’t sufficiently passionate about the business itself.

The last venture I looked at was making dog food. I did lots of research to understand the market size and on the face of it, it certainly looked attractive however by the time I’d taken the retailers cut into account, forecasted margins were looking extremely thin.

It was then that I started to think about selling direct over the internet. I canvassed opinion in business and everyone who had a website said that it did nothing for them and they still had to rely on traditional marketing or paying for traffic through Google Adwords.

A good friend who had already built a successful internet business said to me “Paul, you’re going about it the wrong way. Build your website first, develop the traffic and then start to sell”. In other words, develop your route to market before you make the product. He recommended that I take a look at SBI!, when he had been researching how to build a website this was the tool he had found, the logic sounded good and he decided to buy. The rest (as they say) is history.

When I started to read about SBI! and the C=>T=>P=>M model, just as it did with my friend, it really started to make sense. In fact it made so much sense that I completely ditched the idea of dog food and started to write about my true passions in business (networking) and in my private life (outdoor cooking recipes). As you know, business networking is something that both Louise and I are passionate about and Louise also has her own website for her other passion, life coaching information.

We now both have successful businesses, we work at home, we work the hours that we want and we both have time to enjoy our family.

SBI! costs us less than $1 a day and I think it's the best $1 I ever spent.

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