Learn How To Make A Website With The SBI! Action Guides

When I started to learn how to make a website I was filled with trepidation because I recognized as someone now in their 40’s that I’m not going to soak up new information like a sponge. To be honest, even when I was 20 years younger I wasn’t that good at it either!

I’ve been in paid employment for 22 years at the beck and call of someone else and I’ve always wanted to be my own boss.

Certainly the last 10 years have seen me explore many ventures to no avail and having decided that building a website was going to be my opportunity I still didn’t feel too good about trying to learn in my spare time at the end of a hard day’s work.

That’s when I discovered SBI! and in particular the video action guides. You see, everybody has different learning styles and I worked out that mine was very much an auditory style so reading pages and pages of text was not for me. The actions guides really allowed me to absorb loads of information in a structured format and in a short space of time and don't worry if video is not your way of learning, they're available for you to print off too.

Day by day I was able to plan my website (to ensure that I targeted it towards my readers and the search engines) and make the necessary decisions in my own time at my own pace. Just like with your GPS navigation system you get a choice of male and female voices and I found that the female voice really worked for me (which is completely the opposite to my GPS!).

I learned about C=>T=>P=>M the importance of writing quality content above all else, and I learned how to make a website using a very simple tool called “blockbuilder”.

Four years down the line and I’ve quit the day job to work on my website full time and yes, I am making enough money! More importantly I can plan time to spend with my family whenever they need me, whatever day of the week. I still use the blockbuilder tool (because it works for me) and most important of all I can still see masses of content that I still want to write and in turn I know that the more content I write, the more opportunity there is to develop my business further.

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