How To Twitter (Tweet) And Be Heard

How to Twitter or tweet is really easy once you've got your account set up. Just start typing in the box and assuming that your Tweet is less that 140 characters including any reference links then you are up and running.

That's a very simplistic view because the trick to getting Twitter to work for you from a business perspective is a little more complicated in that you need to understand how to Tweet with the right people and the operative word here is “with”.

Twitter is a two way communication stream unlike many other social networks so there's two techniques worth learning about in terms of opening a conversation.

The first is to use the re-tweet facility and “forward” on someone else's tweet. Normally this other person will be monitoring any re-tweets and the etiquette is that they will send you a message to thank you. When you get his message, that's your opportunity to jump in and drive the conversation to build a relationship.

The second point is something that we're all already used to in business networking and that's to ask questions. This works both in stimulating a discussion and also ensuring that any re tweet engagement is capitalized upon.

Of course the assumption for all this working for you is that you actually have some followers. Getting followers can be a frustrating and time consuming business so thankfully there are Twitter tools available to help you with this.

Similarly there are tools available to help you shorten your reference URL's so that they don't take up too much of your allotted 140 characters and you can use this link to find out more information about these Twitter track tools.

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