The Internet Social Bookmarking Site StumbleUpon

The internet social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is a great way to share information about websites and also to help you discover new ones. To put this into context let me ask a question:-

“When you do an Internet search using a search engine, how do you rate the quality of the results that are provided?”

If I were to answer that question I'd say that the results were pretty poor especially as web masters learn how to fool the search engines and so get sites top of the listings simply to sell things rather than provide quality information.

StumbleUpon works by a rating system whereby “Stumblers” such as you and me rate what we find and this contributes to the ranking system when you are searching. So in theory whatever subject matter you want information on, by using stumble upon you should get quality information every time.

It's the combination of human and machine that makes the results produced by stumble upon unique and as more people vote so the pool of quality websites gets concentrated whilst those that voters regard to be of little quality are dropped.

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