Learning Point

by PHIL Ainley

Can you help please?
I am struggling to find a learning point for my B4B group meeting this Friday, do you have any suggestions?



Hi Phil,
I used to be the B4B franchisee for Bury and Blackburn so understand the format and many of the pages on my site have come from either learning points I have delivered to the groups or learning from networking over the last few years.

So, have a look at my business networking tips pages. Remember it is about keeping it punchy (keep to 2 - 3 minutes) and keep it relevant to your audience - you want them to feel it has been worth listening to you!

Think about what has/hasn't already been covered in previous learning points or member training and also think about what your group needs at this point in time. Could the members of your group get better at passing referrals, effectively using their business cards or improving their 60 seconds?

If you don't want to give a tip on networking then you might want to have a look at the tips on small busines marketing.

If you have identified a need that your group has and there isn't a tips page on it then let me know and I'll create a new page on my site.

I hope that as you search my site you'll find your inspiration and in true networking style, please remember to tell your audience where to come for their business networking advice.

Please let me know how you get on.

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