LinkedIn Networking Tips To Support Your Online Business Network

Here are my best LinkedIn networking tips to help you get the most from your membership of this growing online business network. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means but will give you a few pointers to get started.

  1. Complete your profile
    Your profile is what people see online so you need to ensure you create the right impression for you or your business. Those profiles which are 100% are far more likely to be viewed that those which are incomplete.

  2. Build up your network of contacts
    Your LinkedIn network of contacts should be developed from your ‘real world’ contacts and should be people with whom you have some sort of relationship, whether you have met them face to face or spoken with them over the phone. Be wary about accepting connections from people you know nothing about or whom you have never had contact with.

  3. Build and maintain relationships with your online business network
    As with any networking make sure you take time to keep in touch with your contacts so you really do have a meaningful business relationship with them.

  4. Be prepared to help others
    Help others by recommending and providing testimonials for those you know and trust, share your knowledge, join the Q & A discussions and actively look at who you can usefully connect for mutual benefit.

  5. Invite people to your network using personally worded invitations
    If you would like your real life contacts to join you on LinkedIn make them feel as if they matter by sending a personalised invitation.

  6. Use the Q & A facility
    You can be seen to contributing towards relevant discussions if you visit the Q&A section of the site. Search for relevant discussion topics and use this as an opportunity to share your knowledge and give advice to others. Create your own questions which will attract others with similar interests to join the discussion. In this way you will build up your reputation both as a giver and specialist in your area. Don’t however use the Q & A section to advertise.

  7. Join groups
    Search for groups relevant to your area of interest and join them. If there isn’t a group which meets your need set one up and be proactive in ensuring they offer something to their members.

  8. Be professional
    Treat your online business network relationships as you would your face to face relationships. Think carefully about the words you post up – would you speak these words face to face? Remember ‘people buy people’ so ensure your people skills shine through – be complementary to others, be humble about your own strengths and don’t do the hard sell.

  9. Use the Linkedin Learning Centre
    You can get more LinkedIn networking tips at both the LinkedIn Learning Centre and the Q & A discussions are great ways of learning more about how to get the most from your membership whether you are a new or established user.

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