Michigan Business Networking Chapters

A list of Michigan business networking chapters city by city in alphabetical order.


Several of times per month, Sunrise Networking Group hosts informational breakfast meetings where members and non-members can gather to visit and share information. The locations of the breakfast business networking events vary from time to time, however they are always filled with people involved in business ventures in and around the Detroit area. This is the perfect opportunity for you to stop by, promote your business and of course share your business cards with others.

For more information on breakfast business networking events or any of the other events on the calendar, you may contact Sunrise Networking Group by calling (248) 649-6627 or filling out the contact form on their website.


Each month, the Flint Chamber of Commerce holds networking breakfasts that are just right for anyone who wants to mingle with other businesspeople from Flint and the surrounding area. These networking breakfasts are free for business people and guests and last approximately one hour. The location of these events vary from month to month, so check the schedule for updates. Be sure to bring along a lot of business cards so you can easily share your information with others who are in attendance.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these networking breakfasts or if you would like more information, you can email the Flint Area Chamber of Commerce at flintchamber@gmail.com.


Greenville Business Network meets fortnightly on Wednesdays at the Green Acres Retirement Home from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM

Membership is $100 per year.

They also host a number of other events on irregular dates and at varying localities so for the most up to date information on this group it's best to go directly to their website.


Christian Business Networking Kalamazoo, Michigan - The Answered Prayer & Partnership

Churches and Non-Profits will choose between 2 links to display on their website. 1 link will allow people who visit your website to inquire about needs they may have from your website or the second choice will be a link to send them to Seed and Harvest.

All businesses in the directory will have either a church or non-profit logo next to it. This will help in supporting our communities.

Each business that is registered and sponsored by any church or non-profit that place will receive $ 25.00 donation from Seed and Harvest Ministry.Example: 10 bus. X $ 25.00 = $ 250.00100 bus. X $ 25.00 = $ 2500.001000 bus. X $ 25.00 = $ 25, 0000 annually.


  • The Glory of Christ seen in the Marketplace
  • One Body with many members
  • Supplying the needs of our communities under the anointing of Christ Jesus will save more souls
  • Christ outside of your local church (as far as the east to the west)

The annual fee for a business: $ 150.00 (affordable for all businesses)

  • Save money on Advertisement
  • More sowing power for the believer…
  • Money flowing in Gods Kingdom.
  • No Cost to churches and Non-profits because they minister the Word

“Join the move of the Holy Spirit in the Marketplace”


Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce offers plenty of great ways that you can work on your business skills and professional contacts while attending interesting programs geared towards business-minded people such as yourself.

Whether you are attending a seminar on dealing with issues in the workforce or you are mingling with others at a business after hours event, the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce is a great outlet for making all of the contacts and connections that you and your business need in order to strive.

All of the Chamber events from the annual dinner to business development seminars are just right for talking with others, sharing experiences and of course passing along your contact information.

Fees for events vary, while some are only for members only. To inquire further about scheduled business networking events, contact Sarah Smith by calling (517) 853-6457 or by emailing ssmith@lansingchamber.org.

The Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce is located on 500 East Michigan, Suite 200, Lansing, Michigan 48901.


The Business Network meets on Wednesday mornings each week from 8:30am until 9:30 am in the library at the Walton Career Academy located on 212 Bryant Street in Monroe. Meetings are sponsored by the Partnership for Families Children & Youth of Walton County. Both members and guests are more than welcome to attend to share in the networking opportunity.

Click here for more information on these meetings, contact Craig or Carol Smith by calling (866) 228-2038.

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