Network Marketing Or Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

There’s an important distinction to be made between network marketing or multi level marketing (MLM) and business networking. Essentially there’s a million miles between them and it’s not a new thing, it used to be called pyramid selling until that got a bad name.

Multi level marketing is the concept where you take a product of service and then secure a network of agents to sell the product for you. Indeed you may be recruited by a networker higher up the tree in the first instance.

The network of agents that you develop sell the product or service and make a commission (which keeps them happy) and for every commission they make, you take a cut too. So if you’re lucky enough to enter a network marketing scheme with the best product since sliced bread at the early stages then maybe your onto a winner?

How likely is this?………not very. Many MLM schemes will tell you that you can get rich quick, let your network of agents do the work for you and sit back, put your feet up. It’s tempting but have you ever come across anyone who’s achieved it? Then again I bet you have come across a friend or neighbour inviting you to a clandestine meeting tempting you to join their network and how annoying is that?

You may have gathered that I’m not the biggest fan of multi level marketing schemes but it’s your money so you decide. MLM has now also hit the internet. I’ve put some examples below so take a look and see what you think but just keep in the back of your mind that no matter how much people tell you I’ve yet to find a get rich quick scheme that works.

………and if I’m wrong, fill in the contact us form and let me know!

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