Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing Or MLM

Network marketing is a term that commonly gets confused with business networking. And it’s hardly surprising as it contains the words ‘network’ and ‘marketing.’ It is also known as multilevel marketing is a totally different concept from business networking as described on this site and therefore you need to be aware of the differences.

So what is it?

Network or multi level marketing ( MLM ) is a business model which allows a parent company market their products directly to the consumer through a network of distributors.

These distributors in turn build and manage their own sales force by recruiting, training and supplying others to sell products and they receives a percentage of the sales from their teams of distributors.

So, MLM is a method of marketing and selling products and in this instance the term ‘network’ refers to the network of distributors which is created in the process.

Business networking is all about building up genuine relationships with others so you get know like and trust them enough to do business with others.

MLM however in some instances has gained a bad reputation and has been associated with unethical selling methods, business scams giving people false hopes of business success and leaving many with huge financial debts.

Thinking of buying a multi-level marketing business?

You may be thinking of buying a MLM business and yes there are some genuine business opportunities out there. However, do your research. Look for well established businesses with proven results and a good reputation. Find out about the products you will be selling and the viability of the business along with the commission structure for you and the distributors you recruit. Be sure to check out any laws governing network marketing too.

The is however one connection with this site and the multi level marketer and that is you will certainly want to use business networking as a way of developing your customer and distributor base. However a word of caution, tread carefully and take your time to build up relationships with people so they come to understand that you and your business is genuine.

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