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You could describe Ma.gnolia as a new social bookmarking site because it was relaunched in 2009. The new incarnation is designed to change the face of social bookmarking and take it to the next level.

The functionality of using tags and the fact that you could access your bookmarks from anywhere in the world were at one time cutting edge but this has now been overtaken by many of the new social networking sites. So in order for social bookmarking to remain competitive and continue to attract new members something had to change.

At the end of the day, social bookmarking essentially became a vehicle for Webmasters to create inbound links to their websites in an effort to self publicise. So how does social bookmarking evolve from here?

The difference with the new Ma.gnolia is that joining is by invitation only in an effort to foster a natural community through personal connections rather than inviting anyone and everyone and sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity.

Having said that Ma.gnolia is still a thriving community and in order to kickstart the new invitation process you can request your own invitation. To do so go to

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