New Social Networking Sites For Business

Entrepreneur Connect is one of the new social networking sites for business. Small business owners are able to create a profile, make connections and share ideas.

It's not like some social networking sites where it would appear that self marketing is the object of the game. Entrepreneur connect is all about sharing and self-help.

It's free to join and the target market is small business owners and entrepreneurs, you must be at least 18 years old to sign up and get involved. Once signed up you can create a profile explore the community and start building connections and new business relationships.

You can use the site to:-

  • Build your business profile and advertise your services
  • Find potential suppliers
  • Link to colleagues and advisers
  • Search for business connections by location

The site provides a forum for questions and answers, you can write a blog to promote your business services and you can start a professional group or association. Having said that you can promote your business the focus of the site is quite clearly on community and the exchange of ideas and help to the extent that starting forum threads that are specifically designed to advertise your business is frowned upon.

To join entrepreneur connect use this link.

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